Tuesday, July 29, 2008

:: :: ha-ti :: ::

So, today was a fairly crappy day only in that I was just kind of sad and anxious all day, more than usual and for no obvious reason. But there was one good little bit that I can’t resist sharing even though I kind of know it’s one of those things that probably only a mom thinks is cute and that other people hear and go, “oh, cute!” in that high fake voice you use when you receive a gift you don’t really like.

And of course it’s also the kind of story that requires previous information, another hallmark of a not-very-good story. But tough on you. Here’s the background info: when Evan first learned to wave, he used to go around waving at every person he would see. Then he started waving at all animals, at all pictures of animals, and even at the sound of, say, a dog barking nearby. Each morning, he would wave at our cat Matilda who would sit meowing outside his safety gate and I would laugh and say, “Hi, Tilly.”

Cut to the actual cute story (although I also think that the background story is pretty cute…I’m just saying): now Evan is beginning to talk. I wouldn’t say he’s uttering real words yet, but he’s trying out various sounds and has several that we’re starting to recognize. “Ah-dah” means all done, “A-ku” means thank you, except that Evan has sort of learned this backwards so that he actually says it when he means please (or, rather, when he means, “can i have what you’re holding”). I’m thinking of it as an early thank you. A little “thanks in advance for giving me that thing you’re holding in your hand.” And now (cue adorableness here), he’s learned our cat Matilda’s name, only he thinks that “hi” is part of it since that’s what I always used to say when he waved at her. So when he sees Tilly now he says, “Ha-Ti.”

I think it’s so freaking funny. I try and try to tell him that it’s just “Tilly” not “Hi Tilly” but obviously he’s thirteen months old and probably thinks I’m saying, “yes, good job, kiddo” or something.

It all totally slays me. Which is how you know I’m a mom.

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