Wednesday, November 7, 2007

:: Worries ::

Evan's sitting in the backseat of the car and starts choking on his own spit.  I don't even bat an eye.  I guess I figure that if babies have so much spit that they can choke on it just sitting there, then they're probably also able to keep themselves from dying in the process of choking.  And he always does.  Keep himself from dying, I mean.

All the big things parents of babies worry about, none of them seem to faze me.  I never check on him while he's sleeping (and risk waking him up, are you crazy?????).  I never worry that he will get his leg caught in the crib slats or that he will roll over and end up smothered, face-down in a pile of mattress.  I don't really worry that carcinogens will leak out of his bottles, or his lotion, or his grilled meats.  I never worry that he'll fall out of his Bumbo and get a skull fracture.

But there are things I worry about.

Chub Creases

I worry that the chub creases in his legs will never go away and he'll be this active, skinny little kid with these awful red, painful thigh creases.

I worry that the flat spot on his head will never round.
Red Hair

I worry that he will stop having red hair one day and he'll end up with something really generic like dirty blond.

I worry that the other mommies will think I'm weird if when this happens I start buying hair dye and dying my kid's hair back to its original color.

I worry that I might get too busy and accidentally forget to redye it before his roots begin to show and that he'll then be running around with adorable red hair-ends and horrible dirty blond roots.

I worry that I might be too attached to his red hair.  Ya think?


bubandpie November 7, 2007 at 6:25 PM  

Looks to me like that red hair's here to stay. The babies I've seen whose hair colour changed seem to have hair that was much more equivocal about its redness. I mean - look at those eyebrows!

juliepippert November 8, 2007 at 7:31 AM  


The chub creases are adorable. If I MUST I will take photos of my girls then and now. They go away and you just might miss them. If you're me. It's the chubs over the wrists. I get sentimental about those.

Anyway on the hair thing I hear you.

Persistence was born with BLACK hair like her dad, and blue eyes, like me. So cute, I loved the combo. I wanted it to stay that way forever. Now? She is blonde. With brown eyes. So cute! I love the combo. And now I'm afraid she'll change again.

Wait. I am not helping. I think B&P is right: red hair is here to stay.

Look at that adorable little face!

Using My Words

Christina November 13, 2007 at 12:05 PM  

I think that red hair is here to stay. Cordy had reddish-blonde hair until she was two months old, then it switched to a golden blonde. If he's still red (especially that gorgeous copper red!), it'll probably stay that way.

And I promise the chub creases will go away. There's no sign of the outrageous rolls Cordy once had that made up her thighs.

I worry that Cordy's curls will someday disappear and she'll have plain straight (but not stick straight) hair like me.