Friday, October 26, 2007

:: Don't Tell Me A Navy Peacoat Is Practical. I Don't Need To Hear It. ::

I am practical almost to a fault. I'll find the world's cutest shoes, in some cute color like deep red or something, and I'll imagine my alter ago in them and just die from how adorable my alter ago is wearing those deep red adorable shoes. But then inevitably I'll consider the walk to school (I live fifteen miles from school and can only park about a mile from my building so I must walk a mile to and from class). And then I'll consider the fact that I can't wear socks with the cute deep red shoes that look so adorable on my alter ago (it's cold here in winter, folks). And then I'll finally get to the "But what on earth would I wear red shoes with, anyway?" question and it's all over. Even my alter ago takes the shoes off at that point.

It's like a really boring disease.

And yet: three winters ago I went completely insane and bought a gorgeous white wool coat (drastically on sale, I mean come on) and wore it every single day. I wore it in snow, rain, sleet, and sun. I wore it to school, the grocery store, Christmas shopping. I practically wore it in my sleep. I got compliments on my adorable white winter coat everywhere I went.

And now it looks like someone peed on my sleeve. I don't know how this happened because I'm fairly certain that no person nor animal actually did pee on my sleeve. My best guess is that I got splashed with dirt and that the dry cleaning process turned brown mud spots into yellow pee stains.

So I'm in the market, is what I'm saying, for a new coat.

I have established just three criteria in my search for a new winter coat:

  1. With a baby around, I'm conceding one point to practicality: it can't be white.

  2. For obvious reasons that I guess have something to do with practicality but are really just common freakin' sense, it must be warm.

  3. To keep things fun, I'd really like it to go with the scarf I'm currently knitting. It is what I can only call guacamole-colored and, when completed, will look like this:

Dayflower Lace Scarf
(The pattern for this scarf can be found here. Be warned, though: you can't really do this and watch TV or carry on a conversation unless you're some kind of super knitter. Which I am not.)

Alternately, I'd be down with a goat that goes with the raspberry-colored scarf I knitted to go with the white pee-sleeve coat. It's my first scarf and so soft and warm and I really really love it.

Right now, my top contender is this coat:

Navy Peacoat from JCrew

Do you think it would look good with my sweet blue knitted earflap hat? Gotta keep those ears warm!


Julie Pippert October 26, 2007 at 5:54 AM  

Okay at Old Navy yesterday I saw the CUTEST little winter coat. It might be too light for you, I don't know. There was a winter white version but also a navy color one. The style?

Doris Day meets the Navy.



If I had any reason to wear any coat ever I'd have bough tit period and figured out budget later. But I don't. And if by some bizarre circumstance I did? I have a collection from years past still good enough.

Let's see if I can find it:

Oh it's so cute in real life. Old Navy has such cute winter wear and like Supreme Evil beings they SELL IT HERE taunting us. Vicious.

This week? The days start at low 50s and climb to upper 70s and people are saying, "Oh me oh my it's so COLD." Whatevah. Us exiles are laughing to the side.

I have my windows open wide all day and night. My MIL is appalled. "You'll freeze those children to death!"

BAH! Freezing is 32 or below. Not 52 or above.

I'm just happy because I can exercise outside again and go outdoors finally. (They get me back by mocking me from May through October as I wilt like a petite fleur in the heat). Of course, today the wind is from the north and I went out and had instant nose and lung burning. I understand clearly why PAHs are called polcyclic AROMATIC hydrocarbons.

Oh wait, this wasn't a babble fest. I'm finished.

The coat you pictured is cute too. I just loved the vintage flair and longness of the Old Navy one. I also like green and navy, a lot.

Using My Words

Julie October 26, 2007 at 7:15 AM  

Ooh. Cute. Much like the white one I am mourning the loss of. The pee-sleeve coat. And I never thought I liked gray for a winter coat but I have to say I'm leaning that way.

Julie October 26, 2007 at 7:18 AM  

WAIT! Old Navy has this one, too!

I think I might have to go with the toggle buttons even though I really like the longer coat. This one comes in the same green as my scarf (but no, I don't need to match THAT much) in casr you 're wondering what "guacamole-colored" looks like in real life (I photoshopped the picture of the scarf above).

thailandchani October 26, 2007 at 8:20 AM  

I like wraps far more than coats. It also seems to fit with my rather eccentric clothing style. Consequently, I have a large wool wrap that keeps me warm on the rare occasion I need something like that in Northern California. :)



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