Thursday, April 26, 2007

:: Site Redesign ::

While I loved loved loved how cool the prior design of this site was, with its smoothly scrolling menu and its gorgeous graphics (which I didn't create), it was growing a bit unwieldy. As my archive grew, so did my menu, so that when it was pulled down, it was almost an entire screen long. In addition, I found it didn't always work in some browsers on some computers some of the time. So then no one could navigate my blog. Plus, while the colors were nice, I never liked how any of my photos looked against the weird blue background. So it was time to move on.

Plus, I've been thinking about a baby blog -- a place for us to post about baby when he arrives and to share photos with our fammilies -- and so as I searched for the perfect template for that blog, I ran across this and liked its simple look.

Whaddaya think?