Monday, November 2, 2009

:: halloween in pictures & words ::

[ can you guess which pumpkin is mine? ]

i've always thought halloween was fun, but man halloween was fun this year. evan, not quite two and a half years old, was so into it. he looked on the internet with daddy to find a pumpkin carving he wanted to do. he helped me draw the picture on the pumpkin (i.e. he held the pen with me) and then helped the entire time daddy carved it. he pulled out pumpkin guts and then basked in the spooky glow of his lit pumpkin when it was all done.

and the costume thing? so into it. he helped me buy the fabric and pick out the buttons. and when it was all done he kept giving me spontaneous hugs. he went as fireman sam, his absolute favorite TV character (leave it to our kid to fall in love with a welsh children's television show; admittedly he is a dead ringer for the red-headed title character) and here we are two days later and he won't take it off except to eat and sleep. he wore it to the library this morning, the grocery store this afternoon.

and then there's the candy. at each house he gave a confident little "trick or treat please" and then a kind "thank you" (sometimes at our prompting) as he watched more and more candy being dropped into his fire hydrant. (we only went to about ten houses but that's a LOT of candy for a two-year-old!) when we got home he piled his booty on the floor and chose a few pieces to try. he's never been into candy at all but he's definitely enjoying trying all the different bars and bites.

yesterday he cried a little bit telling daddy, "i want halloween to come back." so freaking cute.

** worthy of note: i made this costume using fleece. smartest thing EVER because it took a total of six or seven seams for both the pants AND the jacket. fleece doesn't ravel so you don't need hems. i highly recommend you consider this for costumes in your own future. **