Sunday, November 6, 2011

:: more going ::

the goal: for all of my in-stock greeting cards to be out of stock. yup, friends, if you didn't know it already, i'm not going to be selling the greeting cards come january first.

the plan: keep reducing the prices until they're all gone. in october all cards were on sale at 25% off and several styles sold out in prompt fashion. on november first, the discount went up to 50% (meaning each card is only $2!!) and it will remain there until november 30th (or whenever everything's gone). if anything is still left then on december 1st they will go down to 75% off.

so without further ado, here are eight more styles that you may not know about, but should. happy shopping, friends.

love & subliminal messages

getting older, in pink

happy this, that, and the other thing (holiday card)

damn you (birthday card), in orange

crazy love iii (peanut butter)

oy-o card (hello, just because)

best/worst dichotomy card

upright thanks
now enjoy!