Sunday, September 18, 2011

:: survey says? ::

i had so many varying goals and hypotheses and ideas for this month's name-your-price experiment that honestly it's hard to even reach out into the air and grab just one. sometimes i think that my main goal was the dialog i knew it would generate. other times i think my main goal was to do something crazy enough that it just might be amazing. something crazy enough to counteract the $7-8K i dropped on a very mainstream business venture last may, perhaps. but underneath it all i think that part of me always thought of it as a very radical way to figure out my place in the wedding/design/purveyor of awesomeness world. 

they (who? business profs? internet gurus? just THEY?) say that you should price for the customer you want to have, and i see some sense in that. if i do really kick-ass work and i undercharge for it, then i'm going to be perceived as being cut-rate. lesser. maybe not so kick-ass. customers are going to see my stuff and see my prices and say, hmm. i wonder why it's so inexpensive…
but in a way i think i saw this month-long experiment as a way to say hey! i'm out here doing cool things and making cool designs and trying to change the way people think about the wedding industry and i'm doing it my way and i want to find the other people who are into cool things and changing the wedding industry and doing things their way.

and they're finding me, and they're showing me how they feel about weddings and what they can afford to pay for invitations, and i've got so much to think about. i've got so many questions.

and so i'm going to be putting together a little survey.

i'm usually way turned off by consumer surveys so i want to make this my own kind of survey. i want to use it to find out what you value, what you prioritize, what you like about up up creative, what you wish up up creative would give you that you're not getting anywhere else. i want to know what i can do to make you giddy. whether you care about paper and ink. whether you'd rather find something you've always been looking for or if you'd like to work with me to create it instead. i want to find out what cost-cutting measures you would think were awesome and what you would find pointless/lame/a compromise. i want to know what i can teach you and what you can teach me. i want to know if you're down with being part of a community or not.

i'm hoping all you wonderful blog readers will answer the questions, too. and if you'd like to, i'd love it if you'd contribute some possible questions in the comments.