Saturday, March 19, 2011

:: up up creative gets fashionable ::

i've got some crazy things coming up in connection with the national stationery show in may. i've had some press inquiries and sample requests and even an interview with a trade magazine. but perhaps the strangest and also possibly the most interesting is that i am providing 45 invitations to be used in a fashion show.

for real.

apparently kate's paperie is hosting an exhibit at the stationery show that will showcase paper dresses from cutting-edge designers as well as fashion design students at new york's lim college, the latter of whom will be competing for cash and the opportunity to have their designs displayed in the kate's paperie windows during fashion week.

the students' work will incorporate products from NSS exhibitors. including up up creative.

i have to send 45 invitations for some fortunate student to incorporate into his or her design. but i'm totally stuck. i can't choose which design to send. part of me is thinking chevron, but then i'm thinking maybe that's too obvious. what do you think? check out the 24 options here and let me know which one you'd like to see made into a garment.