Tuesday, January 11, 2011

:: slow launch ::

 you've heard of the slow food movement? well i'm apparently initiating a similar movement called the slow launch movement. what you do is this:

  1. spend months working on a new product or collection
  2. set a december deadline for launching that new product or collection
  3. finally actually release the product or collection in your shop in january.
  4. make a halfhearted attempt at telling people you did this, preferably by using your personal (not your business) facebook page to post one link without any real explanation.
  5. wait at least a week and then finally get around to writing your newsletter and sending it to your 429 adoring fans.
  6. after this, maybe put something on your blog where the same 429 adoring fans, plus approximately 235 additional subscribers and readers, will read it.
  7. finally realize that you might want to let some folks outside your inner circle know about the launch.
  8. write a press release. send it to your favorite blogs and magazine editors. spread the word on twitter. finally put something on your business facebook page.
and that, my friends, is how it's done.

now watch and learn because i'm about to break out step six, in which i finally announce that my winter 2011 wedding collection is now available and getting some keen interest. hooray!

now, before i get to step 8 in my slow launch, i'd love to have some feedback from you. specifically, i'd love it if you could give me some words to describe individual pieces as well as the collection as a whole. what are your impressions? how is this collection like and not like my previous 12 designs? who do you think the collection appeals to? what are your favorite designs?