Saturday, October 23, 2010

:: at least we don't have carpet ::

as a parent, you want your kids to excel at things, right? i mean, you don't necessarily need one of those babies who learns to read at 18 months or anything, but you just can't help but be proud of your little genius babies when they learn something really super early or whatever.

my kids, though? sometimes their advanced-beyond-their-years learning acquisitions leave me, well, wishing for slightly more average babes. for instance this week, emily learned how to spill snacks out of non-spill snack bowls.

really, emily? seriously?

and not to be outdone, big brother evan figured out how to take apart the vacuum cleaner. but not how to put it back together.

photo credit: me, on the iphone. and no, that's not the spill-proof bowl, that's a regular bowl. after she did this i remembered those toddler non-spill bowls we had somewhere and when i got them out and gave them to her, she figured out just the right way to hold them so that all the cheerios could come cascading out as if lid-less.