Tuesday, August 24, 2010

:: thin thin thin ::

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so, yesterday's was the brain version of this post. here today i've got the more emotional version.

truthtelling time again, folks. i'm freaking exhausted. i'm spread thinner than an old man's hair. and i can't seem to figure out how to be not-tired.

my husband's tired, too. so so tired. and stressed out, like me. and behind at work, like me.

and i know that he could really use my help. he could really do with a little slack-taking-up by yours truly. but i sometimes think that this business of mine is the honest-to-god-only-thing that is keeping me sane, even if it's making me so damned tired.

which is to say, hard as it is, i guess it's kind of worth it. and yet i still need to find a way to make it less, um, deadly? ulcerating? energy-sapping? all-consuming?

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