Thursday, July 1, 2010

:: this self-employed life: a tragicomedy ::

it occurred to me yesterday that it's possible that this year, up up creative could gross an amount that someone out there probably makes as a salary, not that i envy that person at all because it's certainly not a livable wage. and we won't even talk about how much of that gross total will be or already has been reinvested in the company (read: how much i've already spent and will continue to spend on supplies, tools, advertising, etc.). but yeah. this year my company could gross somewhere in the low five-figure range (whee!).

and then when i was thinking about that yesterday i ended up having myself a good laugh because holy crap i would not work this hard for anyone else offering to pay me so very freaking LITTLE. i'm sorry but if the words "packing and shipping" were uttered, you can believe i'd be passing on the job. or if someone told me i'd be working from 8-11 each night and all day on the weekends? i'd walk on out the door. or that the aforementioned shipping would usually be done while also attending to two small kids? no way.

it's really funny the things we'll do for our own businesses that we wouldn't dream of doing for someone else's, eh?