Wednesday, July 7, 2010

:: meet sarah ::

i know i mentioned that i found an intern, and perhaps i mentioned that i love her already, but i wanted to take a minute to introduce her to you because she's a part of this little enterprise now and in a way you all are, too, and i want you all to be friends.

the image above is from sarah spencer's student page at FSU where she is a graphic design major looking to obtain a BFA in design. the caption from her portfolio simply says "a personal mantra," so of course you can tell why i like her, right? (in fact, if it's okay with her, i'll be printing it out and putting it on the bulletin board that's about 14 inches from my computer -- can i? can i, sarah?)

what's even better is that sarah totally takes this mantra to heart. i wasn't advertising the internship at FSU. on the blog i had mentioned looking for a local intern, but hadn't said anything about any remote internship possibilities. but sarah came knocking, and her interest was so sincere and her desire to learn so strong that i just had to take her on, 1200-mile commute be damned.

to start out, sarah's helping me work on my press / wholesale kit. i'm going to have her tell you about our progress sometime in a few weeks (my first guest writer here on the blog!). until then i'll just leave you with a little bit more about her, straight from the horse's mouth, as they say:

I love love love to draw and paint, mostly digitally but I'm getting into oils now. My illustrative work is mostly based on faces and the human form, and my design work tends to be really grid-heavy, colorful, typographic stuff. I'm really looking for a way to marry the two, which is why I love Up Up. Your simple bright illustrations just plain make me happy. (And calm my brain down. A lot.) I sing and write songs too, play the piano. I love Star Wars, video games, cheesy fantasy novels about dragons and princesses and other such geekery. Working on organizing a blog right now with pics of my work and similar silliness, so I'll send you the link when it's ready.

leave her a quick comment to welcome her aboard, won't you?