Monday, July 12, 2010

:: how to wear flip flops to the accountant's office ::

i think part of why my business has been successful thus far, and why i feel so confident that it will continue to grow, is that in addition to loving the creative part, i really love the business part. i like figuring out pricing and sourcing new supplies (except when it takes forever and i can't find what i know already does exist out there if only i could figure out where); i like doing the marketing thing (although this is the one thing i never have enough time for - you could spend 26 hours a day working on marketing).

and yet that stuff does always feel like a hassle. i spent the afternoon -- three hours of precious babysitter time -- meeting with my accountant (my first time!) and opening a business account (finally) and doing things like that. the whole time all i could think was, "i could be working!" because even though the business-y stuff is enjoyable (i felt so grown up talking with my accountant, so grown up and so professional, despite that i was wearing flip flops from old navy (channeling my inner richard branson (and yes, i almost wrote charles bronson)), pretending i own my own island and heck yeah i wear flip flops to the accountant's office)), it still feels like this extra thing that i have to do but that really just eats up my precious time that could be spent doing something that people can and will see.

and i think i may have just been entered in a "longest sentence ever" contest in the nested parentheses category.