Thursday, June 17, 2010

:: twinkly ::

[ bokeh - free texture, a photo by paloetic on flickr. see creative commons license info here and then download for free and use appropriately. ]

why no, that's not a completely random photograph. it's a photograph of lights. happy, sparkly lights.

i have a new intern (her name's sarah, she's in florida, i'm here in rochester. we're going to make it work a la tim gunn.) and i have a sitter who can work from monday at noon until she goes back to college in august.

fifteen glorious hours a week. except when she goes to new jersey to visit her boyfriend, like she's going to have more fun there than she would have with my excessively adorable offspring. those weeks it'll only be ten hours. ten glorious hours.

let me tell you, i'm happy. i'm happy to have the time to work. happy to have an intern to bounce ideas off of and to help me think creatively about some important things. happy that someone's going to play with evan while i work because he deserves to be played with while i work damnit. happy that we'll still have all kinds of mommy-kid time while i'll still get to develop this other thing that kind of makes me feel me-ish when mommying makes me feel not-me-ish.

yes yes yes i'm happy.

on some other day when i'm less sparkly and more introspective, remind me to tell you why searching for a nanny using a nanny agency is sort of like being on one of those reality shows where the endgame is marriage. sort of strange and surreal and constructed and with the added element of someone whose kind of up in your business. plus there's all this public judgment. and then at the end you're still somehow supposed to know, yes! this person is the one! i'm positive! here's my $1000 that says i'm positive.

no likey, here. no likey one bit.

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