Friday, June 25, 2010

:: pop quiz, hotshots ::

[ "yay!" by tanakawho on flickr-- see the creative commons license info here. ]

today is:

(a) my fifth wedding anniversary
(b) my son's third birthday
(c) the day of my big huge wedding collection release
(d) all of the above

yup. so much to do, so little time. just popping in to say hi and to tell you to go check the shops today (etsy here, up up creative here) to see all the wedding goodness (it's not all up yet, but it will be) and to let you know i'll be back here tomorrow with some birthday party pics.

(P.S. 40% off discount code good this weekend only to anyone who emails me directly (not in the comments, folks - you'll have to find the email link in the right sidebar - blogger won't let me link to it in the body of my post) by 11:59pm EST today (june 25th) with the name of the movie that inspired the title to today's post. i memorized the whole thing with my friend julie in high school and little snippets still surface in my daily life here and there, embarrassing as all that is to admit.)

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