Monday, June 14, 2010

:: new favorite wedding gift ::

it's wedding season again. know how i can tell? people are ordering these:

these cool concert poster-inspired art prints (printed in super-amazing pigment ink on 100% cotton (tree free!) paper) were originally created as a wedding gift for my sister back when she got married, but i couldn't resist putting them in the shop and man am i happy i did. i love love love making these and seeing them all gorgeous and printed before they go out to happy couples around the world.

this is a slightly customized version i made for my cousin's wedding this past weekend (kids only. out of town. i haven't felt so rested in at least a year.) i went to their registry, found the comforter they had registered for, and chose colors from the comforter for the print. it turned out amazing and i so so so hope they love it.

** one more thing: i've been experimenting with different backgrounds for my product photos. i think i really just like the white i've been using all along, but i'm wondering what you think... be a good sharer in the comments below, please.