Monday, May 10, 2010

:: etsy gift guides ::

(image courtesy of my shop. you can find this gift set here.)

shopping for gifts on etsy the other day it occurred to me: unless you know what you're looking for, a simple search these days (with, what, a billion and six sellers now?) can make shopping etsy an extremely frustrating, time consuming, not entirely fruitful process. if i hadn't been committed to the idea of buying handmade, i would definitely have abandoned ship for someplace a little easier to shop. (and truthfully, for two of my recipients, i'm still searching. pretty soon i'm going to have to go elsewhere or else i'll miss the birthdays...)

and now that etsy has gotten rid of their curated gift guides, it's even harder.

so here's what i want to do. i want to create my own version of the gift guides. eventually i'll add more categories but for now i want to start with one: i want you to send me shops you know that offer nice, professional-looking gift sets. i'll take your suggestions and put together a guide (but note that i may not include everything that's sent to me).

you can make your suggestions by leaving a comment here on this post or by emailing me using the link at right.


Bella May 11, 2010 at 5:15 AM  

hello, I would love to help!

Marisolspoon sells some beautifully hand-drawn cards (stationary) sets. Check it out!

Jessica Wood also sells some beautiful graphic design present sets and cards that are just so professional and really quite cheep, some can also be personalized!

Super sweet creations also sells little cute tops, most of them for little boys with ties on them. They look oh-so sophisticated!

Hope this helps!

Anonymous May 30, 2010 at 7:46 PM  

I would love a gift guide for bridesmaid gift ideas! I love etsy, but it's been so hard to navigate to find the perfect gifts for my bridesmaids.


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