Saturday, March 20, 2010

:: a whole week ::

i don't think i have ever in the whole history of this blog gone a week without a post. we've been dealing with colds and teeth (i think little emily is a tooth savant) and brian's crazy court schedule lots and lots of custom design work, so things like showers and blogs have fallen temporarily by the wayside.

i had hoped that today might give me a chance to catch up, maybe even forge the tiniest, ittiest bit ahead. but i got caught up trying to fine-tune the illustration above for a wedding client. we're doing a 1980s-rock-n-roll sort of design suite (think boom boxes & cassette tapes) and even though i knew i could just draw a line coming out of the cassette tape saying thanks, i was totally freaking bound and determined to really make it look like actual tape.

and just like that i lost three hours of my life.

but i learned some extremely valuable adobe illustrator tricks and i think my client is going to love it. so overall i think the scale has tipped towards worth it.


p.s. speaking of cool things having to do with cassette tapes, have you seen this? whoa.

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