Wednesday, April 8, 2009

:: :: no wind :: ::

hey creative shop owner friends: want to know an awesome way to take all the wind out of your own sails? (this works best if you have a spouse, significant other, or close relative with a steady day job and a salary or hourly wage...)

add up your sales from today. then compare your daily income (before expenses -- let's not be sadists) to your spouse/s.o./relative's hourly rate.

then weep quietly.

oh, i know. it's not about the money. or at least it's not all about the money. but it does put things in perspective for you and makes you think. for me it makes me think about how if i ever hope this fulltime gig is going to pay like one, i'm going to have to learn a lot more.

which i don't mind. i like what i'm learning so far.

(like today? today i learned that being featured on the front page of etsy does have its benefits. in that one hour i was on the front page, i got 21 shop hearts, 15 item hearts for the item featured (the image of which is shown above), and 20 item hearts for other things in my shop. many thanks to my friend anne for telling me my cards were on the front page. i was so psyched.)


Anne April 14, 2009 at 1:09 AM  

It was so awesome, wasn't it! I am so stoked for you! Keep dreaming up the good stuff.