Sunday, March 22, 2009

:: :: wow :: ::

i am a very lucky girl.

my husband, mom, and sister threw me a surprise 30th birthday party. and my family from connecticut came and my husband's sister was already here with her twin girls. both my parents were there.

it was really great.

i think my favorite part was the streamer game. there were four kids under 3 here, evan being the youngest, and someone had decorated a hallway doorframe with crepe paper streamers (think hippie doorway beads). well, it wasn't long before the kiddos were taking turns running through the streamers like football players through a row of cheerleaders. they'd queue up in my mom's bedroom and then come sprinting down the hallway and burst through the crepe paper, often with a hop or some other flourish.

but the best best part was that it somehow turned into a hugging game: i sat at the end of the runway and the kids would run through and throw themselves at me to give me birthday hugs. i must have gotten 50 toddler hugs, which we all know are as precious as unicorn dust and sometimes as rare.

(p.s. i highly recommend the streamer game if you've got some toddlers to entertain for a few hours. damn they think it's funny.)


Julia March 23, 2009 at 2:01 AM  

Wow! Thas the sweetest game ever...toddler hugs are the best. Happy birthday to you!!