Thursday, February 5, 2009

:: : this is a test :: ::

it's not that i haven't had to discipline evan before, or that he's never misbehaved before or tested my limits or anything. but tonight was the first time i laid down the *big* ultimatum and had him fail to meet my standards.

meaning we had to leave dinner tonight while we were out with my mom and sister. we had to get our jackets on and say bye bye and i love you and then march outside to the car.

because evan (a.k.a. my very happy and mostly pleasant but extremely wired to the point that i wondered if he had somehow gotten ahold of a 2-liter of coke classic son) stood up on the seat (we were in a booth at a restaurant) after i had given him a few warnings and finally a very serious i'm holding your arm and looking right into your eyes and using my very serious mad mommy voice and you're getting uncomfortable and well you should be ultimatum that went something like "if you stand up one more time we are leaving. do you understand?"

then on our way out i held the door open for him and he said "dee doo" (thank you) without any prompting. and i just wanted to hug him and squeeze him and tell him what a delightful, wonderful, and good boy he is, the little maniac.