Sunday, February 22, 2009

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february 09 043, originally uploaded by brianjulieandbaby.

there could not possibly be a more perfect image of evan these days. here he is: playing with his two favorite toys (two trucks), refusing to wear any clothes except a diaper, and running away from me. it's like someone asked him to play himself in a movie ad he went all in hoping for an oscar nod.

and oh my god. i think the oscars are on right now. i am so glad i just tried to come up with that metaphor because i would have forgotten entirely.

not that i have seen any of the movies this year. i had one of my biggest panic attacks ever at a movie theater last summer (i had to grip my mom's hand tightly throughout almost all of wall-e because i was freaking out so badly -- this had nothing to do with the movie) and i haven't been back since. partly this is related to the panic attack, partly it is related to our obsession with tv shows on DVD and the resulting 42-to-60-minute attention span we've developed. movies just seem so long now...


and to think i used to teach film to undergrads. oh how i've changed.


Anne February 24, 2009 at 6:52 AM  

love love love love love the photo of ev on the move. naked (or, half-naked) babes on the move are a blurry wonder of youth and adorableness.

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