Friday, January 16, 2009

:: :: my city is courting me heavily :: ::

i know it will sound crazy to anyone who didn't grow up in the snow belt, and maybe to anyone who has fled permanently, but one of the things i miss the most every time i leave rochester is the snow.

oh, the snow.

and now that we're back, my city is doing its best to make sure i never leave. ever since we've been home the world has been coated in white snow so sparkly it looks like pure magic.

it's something i keep wishing i could capture in a photo or an illustration, but i never seem to be able to grasp that special whatever it is. the way each tiny snow crystal reflects the light like glass. it's gorgeous.


Cali January 28, 2009 at 1:21 PM  

I agree. I love the snow here. Everyone looks at me all cockeyed when I say that... I wonder, in fact, if I'll ever tire of it. Now the wind I can do without. It's pretty hard schleping 2 tiny kiddos in this kind of cold. But the snow is lovely, and I love how it just stays on the ground for ages and ages, all glimmery and white. The snow belt, to me, is certainly preferable to the bible belt! Cheers~