Monday, September 15, 2008

:: :: two funny things (and two winners announced) :: ::

Funny Thing Number One:

We had a terrible windstorm yesterday, as my mom’s comment on this here blog informed you if you by any chance read that comment (thanks mom), blowing shingles and gutters off buildings and taking out trees and knocking out our power at about 4:00 yesterday.

When we awoke this morning it was still out, but we were fairly certain that there was power downtown so Brian and Evan left to go to work and daycare, respectively, and once everyone was settled in Brian called with an update: 54% of Franklin County (my county) was without power and the power company (here’s the funny part) couldn’t be sure when it would be back on because, not expecting Ike to wreak any havoc as far north and inland as Central Ohio, said power company sent its repair folks down to Texas to help restore power there.

And now they’re being called back.

Although my power’s back on now so maybe they won’t be needed after all.

Funny Thing Number Two:

I used the random integer generator at to determine the two winners of my pendant giveaway. The numbers that came up were 8 (of 10 comments not including my mother’s on the giveaway post) and 26 (out of 44 comments on the ten posts prior to the giveaway post), meaning that the same person won both pendants.

So I decided to choose another winner, allowing to generate a new integer for me. I put in my parameters (telling it to choose a number between 1 and 10, inclusive) and it gave me back the number 8 again!

Third time’s a charm, though. I got a 3.

So: jennylynn and Pam, you lucky girls, email me ( with your address and your pendant choice and I will send those out to you ASAP.

** As stated in the original rules for this giveaway, in the event that the two winners want the same pendant, I will flip a coin to see who gets it and the other person will get her second choice.