Wednesday, October 24, 2007

:: It's Official ::

Evan is officially a good, sweet-tempered, adaptable baby.  There have been moments, days, even, when I doubted this.  I am sure there will be moments, days, in the future when I question my own declaration.  But I now declare Evan officially a Good Baby.

This weekend we went home for a funeral.  Home as in 400 miles from where we live now.  Home as in seven-plus hours in the car.

Friday, we drove at night hoping Evan might sleep.  Sleep he did.  The whole way.  He woke once one hour into the ride and cried for about five minutes and then he slept the rest of the way, even through gas stops and bathroom breaks during which Brian and I took turns opening our car doors so quietly and then running in to take care of business before returning to open our doors so quietly again.

When we arrived at my mother's house, I feared we'd be in for one awake little baby, but smile as he did as we peeled him from his car seat and changed a diaper that weighed at least as much as he did, he went right back down to sleep for the rest of the night.  Six more hours.

For three days subsequent, Evan slept his usual 12 hours a night despite having those days be totally and completely disrupted from his typical routine.  His naps were cut short, moved around, or neglected entirely.  He was surrounded upon waking from what naps he did take by six smiling grandparents, parents, and aunts who all wanted their chance to hold, feed, and play with the baby.

And yet he kept on smiling back.  While there were fussy moments, Evan was more or less an angel the entire time we were away.  He let people pass him around the circle of chairs and sofas as if he were a joint and my family a bunch of stoners.  He smiled at each face that smiled at him.  He giggled his first real, hearty giggles.  He obliged grandmas with adorable pictures and plenty of snuggles.

Of course I kept thinking, he's not this good for Mommy.  But that's not really true -- he's usually just about this good for mommy.  I'm a lucky mommy.

Yesterday was our return trip.  We couldn't leave at night because we had lots to do back home before returning today to sitters, school, and work.   So we left at 9:40 after getting Evan all ready and then sticking him in a playpen to fend for himself while we packed our own stuff and filled the trunk.  To our great relief and pride, the wailing in the playpen was the worst part of the whole day.  Evan was an angel in the car, sleeping in two-hour stretches before needing to stop at some unsuspecting restaurant for an angry diaper change and a happy bottle and an hour free of the carseat straps.  Evan wooed McDonald's patrons and adopted many nice ladies as grandmothers of the moment, flashing them smiles and hiding coyly, so coyly, on my shoulder.

We arrived home at 5:40, just in time for some play, a bath, and bottle, and bedtime.  We feared, of course, that bedtime would be a big fight since Evan had slept so much of the day away, but he went down peacefully and without a struggle or even a peep at 7:00, just 30 minutes past his bedtime.

He slept quietly until 7:00 this morning and woke happier than ever, cooing and shrieking with joy at every tickle, every kiss.  He is officially the sweetest baby who ever lived.  I can't wait to get home to him this afternoon.


Note: I'm so sorry I haven't been reading or commenting, but Evan was sleeping in my mom's computer room so naptime and bedtime computing was off limits.  I promise I haven't forgotten you, dear Internet friends.  I'll be by soon to say hi.


Christina October 24, 2007 at 6:08 PM  

It's so nice when they surprise you by doing exactly what you hoped for, isn't it? I remember the first time Cordy slept through the night. I panicked the first night, of course, rushing into her room, convinced something awful had happened since she didn't wake me up at 4am. But when it happened the second night, it felt like I had the best child in the world.

I can't wait for Mira to sleep through the night. I hope Evan continues to be a good sleeper for you. Sounds like he's flexible when it comes to a schedule.

Deneese October 24, 2007 at 7:41 PM  

I'm so very jealous that Evan sleeps through the night. Charlotte's getting there, but we're letting her take the lead on it, and it's taking her a while. Holy smokes am I tired. And I'm so glad he behaved so very well for you while traveling. What a gem!

Julie Pippert October 25, 2007 at 6:08 AM  

I am trying to simply be happy for you rather than envious for me LOL.

That's awesome. :) You enjoy!

Using My Words

Julie October 25, 2007 at 10:09 AM  

Oh, fret not jealous moms. Just when I get to thinking Evan's all happy and routine-y I'm sure he'll go into some kind of tailspin and we'll be back at week five wondering how on earth it all went wrong.