Sunday, October 28, 2007

:: Airborne Toxic Event ::

Rather than spewing his home-sick-for-four-days all over my four-month-old son last weekend, which was, of course, all I was thinking about when we took wee Evan to see his doppelganger, er, I mean, his grandfather (who looks exactly like Evan, or vice versa since I guess you're supposed to say that the wee ones resemble the old ones, er, the older ones), my "I'm feeling much better even though I still sort of sound like crap and my cough is gone even though sometimes I still cough" dad appears to have spewed those dirty rotten germs all over me. So now I've got a cold. Hmph. I didn't even think of keeping my own self out of range of his germ-laden coughs and bacterial hugs.

This is my first cold since the wee one appeared and now I'm sort of half trying to keep my sick off of him and half admitting that keeping my sick off of him is an impossibility and half wishing we hadn't gone home last weekend even though it was great fun and it was so good to see everyone and the leaves were beautiful and my mom bought me a cute pair of shoes that were too small and that I had to leave behind for her to return.

Um. Where was I?

And was that three halves?


But so this is what I was wondering: is kissing Evan on the back of the head instead of all over his wee little face enough to keep him from getting sick? How about only lip-synching the words to the songs playing on the iPod while I teach Evan to dance instead of singing right in his face and blasting germ-air all over him? Sneezing into my armpit?

How about if we go live outdoors for a few days where the germs will just dissipate into the wide open expansive world around us and the wind will carry all the bacteria and viruses and everything away like a small little toxic cloud?

No?  Really?


Julie Pippert October 29, 2007 at 4:10 PM  

Oh help me recall...are you nursing? If so, you give him antibodies. My kids never got sick from me.

Otherwise...think of it as building his immune system, which will serve you better in the long run.

And good health wishes!

Using My Words

a pinkroom October 29, 2007 at 5:57 PM  

Puffs Plus are the best tissues ever for sore, runny noses.

My seventh graders, the germ-infested little creatures gave me one helluva cold last week. I spent two days with a faucet for a nose and my wonderful boyfriend bought me two tissues to compare and contrast. Puffs Plus with lotion was like a using a cloud to wipe away my snot.

Feel better.

Julie October 30, 2007 at 12:48 PM  

Julie -- I'm not nursing anymore. But so far my hubby's gotten it but Evan's still in the clear.

a.p. -- I think when you were visiting here you and Brian ganged up on me about buying cheap tissues. Not a frequent nose blower, I never knew what a difference quality tissues can make. I stand corrected. And now I am definitely going to check out Puffs Plus.