Thursday, August 23, 2007

:: "Oh, They Grow Up Right Before Your Very Eyes" ::

So, I know everyone’s always all like, “oh, babies, they grow up so fast” and “enjoy them while they’re this small” and all, but come on.

Since the day I birthed the kid until today people have been telling Brian and I these things. People we see in Target, people we pass on the sidewalk during an evening stroll, our mothers sisters fathers friends. Yup. We get it.

But we didn’t get it. Not until today.

This morning, after a particularly strange night (always asleep for the night by 8:00 on the dot, Evan stayed up crying last night until 10:40 and then slept until 7:00 this morning), he woke up bigger. I shit you not. This onesie (pictured here on Evan exactly one week ago) did not even come close to fitting. I started to put it on him and couldn’t get the bottom snaps to reach so I fed him and tried again when he was peacefully milk-doped and they just would not reach. We’re talking at least a one-inch deficit.

So today he’s in a 3-month onesie. The kid really is growing up fast.