Friday, June 1, 2007

:: June ::

I know I just posted last night and I'm not sure I've ever posted two days in a row, nor am I planning on making a habit of it, but I just had to write this morning. Because it's June. And even though I am due July 4th, it is possible and even likely that I will have the baby THIS month. My original due date, before they accounted for baby's size at nine weeks, was June 29th. That's 28 days away! Brian has predicted June 25th and I think my mom chose the 28th.

Today one of the things I have to do is put the waterproof mattress pad on our bed. In case my water breaks. Gross, I know, but also sort of exciting in a "coming attractions" kind of way. Which actually now makes it sound grosser. Sorry.

I'm still doing pretty well. I can still take two-mile walks, which was one thing I was sort of determined to keep up during the whole nine months. I can still get up from sitting on the floor all by myself, although it's easier with help. I'm still feeling pretty chipper and optimistic. But I do have to admit, by the end of the day I'm growing more and more uncomfortable. Mostly it's my bones -- my pelvis aches because it's moving, my sacrum aches because my hips are moving and because any tension around that area (lower back, hips, butt) tends to make my sacrum ache, and somewhat unexpectedly, my ribs are really starting to hurt. Like under where my bra sits, but it's not the bra.

I was telling Brian this morning that it's like my body is having Body Idol and right now the uterus and the ribs are battling it out for first place and a record deal. But he said it's more like Body Gladiators (SIDE NOTE: ESPN Classic runs old episodes of American Gladiators -- it's awesome), because the winner is really whichever body part causes more discomfort for the other. I suspect Uterus will win out over Ribs. I mean come on: Uterus pretty much has my entire body's attention and devotion, which is way better than a home field advantage in any sport.