Friday, February 16, 2007

:: It's A Boy! ::

Since I was one of those babies who they thought was a boy until she popped out with girl parts, I was trying not to get my hopes up about discovering the actual sex of our baby yesterday. But aparently in 28 years ultrasound technology has come a long way. We got to find out the baby's sex (it's a boy!) and very clearly, even with our untrained eyes, saw all four chambers of the heart as well as the bladder and stomach, vertebrae and ribs, skull and eye sockets, and all leg, arm, and hand bones.

Here's a picture, one of our four souvenirs.

20-week Ultrasound

Baby's waving! We actually got to see him open and close his hand on the screen, and saw a few of his powerful little kicks (only I got the simultaneous joy of feeling them), and even saw him open and close his tiny little mouth!

The doc says he looks very healthy and strong, that he's very photogenic, and that he's a little big for his gestational age. Imagine, me and Brian making a big baby! Where could bigness have come from?!