Wednesday, January 3, 2007

:: Happy New Year ::

Weird. It was already seven years ago that everyone was afraid of "Y2K" and strange related occurrences like losing all their life savings to a computer glitch or finding out they've been assigned a new name and address by the social security administration. That year, in Rochester, my mom made her own ball to drop down our backyard flagpole. It was wrapped in foil and Christmas lights and at the base of the pole was a piece of plywood with sparklers poked into it in the shape of "2000" which we lit when the ball reached the bottom.

Unfortunately, we did nothing of that sort here in Blacklick. Rather, Brian cooked filets and lobster tails and I made a chocolate cappuccino roll and we drank Perrier in wine glasses and watched a movie and played a game. Although one thing did hearken back to 2000: I read in the Columbus Dispatch that people are still afraid that the new year will bring bad events. Only now instead of computer breakdowns, people are afraid of war, attack, and, believe it or not, the second coming of Christ (this according to an AOL News poll).

Me? I'm not too worried about much of anything except how I will avoid tipping over forward when my belly gets big and what breastfeeding will be like when baby gets his or her first tooth. Frankly, if I can get through all of 2007 without facing either of those fears, I will consider it a good 2007.

If I can also manage to write a dissertation and maintain my sanity, all the better. My next self-imposed deadline (chapter 2) is February 8th. So stay tuned for procrastinatory posts in the coming weeks.