Saturday, January 20, 2007

:: Car Pulling Right ::

Last night on our way to the movies (we saw The Last King of Scotland, which we had wanted to see back when it came out but it left theatres too fast), Brian noticed his car was pulling to the right. Since that's the side I sit on, and since we had taken this picture the night before, I joked that maybe it's all baby's added weight!

So, this is me at just about four months pregnant. Here you can really notice, but mostly when I see people around they all say they can't tell. Probably because I'm so cold all the time I have sweaters and coats on. Anyway, according to all my books, the baby's about the size of a mango right now, just chilling out in there taking a nice warm bath. It's moving, and I've felt it a few times, but most of the time I'm oblivious to baby (well, not oblivious to being pregnant, just oblivious to the fact that there's something alive inside there) and I'm pretty sure baby's still mostly oblivious to me. Although they say that sometime soon baby will start being able to hear things outside my belly. Weird. I think we'll play it some Shins soon.