Sunday, November 1, 2009

:: a newsy november first ::

i don't know how many of you read my other blog, each penny pretty, but i've decided to stop writing over there for awhile. between trying to grow my little business and brainstorming new ways to bring in much-needed income for my family and oh yeah this little baby who ought to be appearing sometime in the next seven weeks, each penny pretty has fallen below the minimum priority requirement line.

but the good news is that some of the things i've been doing over there will be migrating over to this little blog. i still really love the idea of featuring amazing creative commons photos, for example, and plan to continue here with my weekly CC post. i've also got plans in the works to feature some more of my indie business peers here on this blog. my way of sort of paying it forward.

anyway, i just thought i'd share the news.

in OTHER news, tomorrow (nov 2) is the one year anniversary of the opening of my etsy shop, so look forward to a whole week of fun celebratory posts this week, 'kay?